Worship Services

Sunday morning 10:00 am

A worship celebration with music, ministry, prayer, and more. This is time for friends and family to seek God corporately and minister to each other. Children will be dismissed to KIDS Church at the appropriate time.

Thursday evening 7:00 pm

A Bible study often accompanied by Scripture songs and choruses. This is time for discussion, questions, and fellowship. Children have their own class at the same time.

Office Hours

Tuesday through Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Days and times are subject to change.
Appointments appreciated.

Our Purpose and Mission

Extending God's grace to everyone that each would know Him and find fulfillment in Him.

Grace Fellowship International Church is a church family welcoming everyone of all ages, social and ethnic backgrounds.
We purpose to:
- build bridges of unity within the Body of Christ
- worship God and fellowship together regularly
- communicate the love of Jesus at home and abroad
- teach, disciple, and equip individuals to fulfill their spiritual destiny in Him.